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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  April 16, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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we welcome our viewers watching us around the country. rescuers frantically searching the dark. rescuers helicopters and an elite navy seal that is trying to find survivors. >> what caused the
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ferry to capsize. >> blue up a backpack that contained a rice cooker similar in look to the pressure cooker is used in the blast near the races finish line. >> a vice-president by then was among those who took part in a moment of silence.
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>> each lost a leg in the attack. they walked the entire 26 mi. route. >> the government argued against that singular disturb the families of the deceased. >> the search is on for two suspects who shot and robbed a man. >> the first in
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about 25 years. >> the victim's home alone he had been on on a boat and one a large amount of money. >> he heard the back door being forced open. two men had him in the head with some kind of blunt object and demanded his casino winnings. when the victim tried to resist you shot in the abdomen. >> were able to follow footprints and the smell that led to the intersection of 131st. >> the victim ran next door. >> on the phone of
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the 911. paramedics took her to chris medical center where since had surgery. someone might have seen something at the boat. >> we feel that that had something to do with it. what might be behind all of this. >> there has been an arrest for a sexual assault that happens. do when bond corp. is our touch with aggravated criminal sexual assaults and armed robbery. >> the investigators
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said that identified him with surveillance cameras in that area. the city of chicago much as a major effort to fix the pothole problem. >> good afternoon to you. 63rd and ashland. day one and job one of resurfacing many streets in chicago. this is the sound and smell of progress. >> shaking hands of some of the crew members here. basically saying there was a horrible winter. what did take the bus driver car driver truck, we know what that winter was all about. >> today is day one.
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100 mi. of all too real streets. even 5 mi. of that is said to be repaid. a coordinated effort between the city. total project cost $200 million. >> 345 mi.. to get your point of reference, the city of chicago did 175 mi.. this is the largest paving season that we have on record. as we all know. >> winter was for the record books. spring and summer is also for the record books. a record paving season for the city of chicago. we will actually get rid of these popples. potholes' >> it will be coming. this kind of work will be coming to your neighborhood
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as spring and summer comes our way. the funding mechanism. some of this money coming from the federal government. >> i'm sorry if i'm talking so loudly. it is kind of a lot of here. >> state representative is holding public hearings on gambling expansion in illinois. the event runs all the and the loop. it will focus on to new proposals on expansion. one calls for a chicago state owned casino. the second would create new casinos and allow slot machines. >> more competition surface and the hunt for the missing malaysia airlines plane. >> dozens of students had to washington for a special visit with ishrf
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>> to more people are confirmed dead in last month's landslide. they disaster as claimed 39 lives. search
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crews are still taking too deep mud and debris. robot marine cut short his second day of searching for the missing laden jet. an unspecified technical problems forced operators to return the submarine to be shipped this morning. the submarine was about as fast as a person walking. the mission to map the ocean floor of the search area could take two months. united states is now providing air support. the plane's radar can spot and investigate what is called small contacts on the surface. trial moves to the next stage. >> pathologists said they were made by a bullet ricocheted. the defense experts said there were made
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by a magazine rack in the bathroom. the official autopsy said there were made by blunt hard object. the trial be delayed until may. the prosecutor has another case. >> the russian president is warning the ukraine is on the brink of a civil war. this as there's a standoff >> it appears they're tightening their control on a town in eastern ukraine. the armed forces were massed near by. defence ministry said they seized six of the armored vehicles. the secretary general says they agreed to more. texas high school seniors and juniors around high-school university and discussed the importance of higher education. and they
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planned the trip the students had no idea with their college guide would be. well as not expecting it. meet up with students of the trying to do well in high school. focusing on the things that matter. 37 students from 18 high schools are on this trip. it is part of the escape to mecca program >> the sports team that donald trump is considering buying. salem is the highly anticipated first original series. we are making a person with cheese steak.
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but an expected. standing just about 105. an issue is a legal shield that they gained as part of the 219 bankruptcy. >> a lawsuit stemming from the ignition switch rico. starbucks moving the european headquarters from amsterdam to london at the end of the year. comes after a backlash with accusations. >> moving profits offshore. donald
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trump says he is seriously considering buying the buffalo bills. skeptics accused him of making a platplay for publicity. the billionaire real estate mogul says if he does purchased a franchisee wants to keep the team in buffalo. and show debuts this weekend. >> something that people are going to be talking about for sure. already has been plenty of talk about this new program. it is called salem. a look back at the famous which is and which trials. a very edgy span. a year ago this area 45 minutes
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outside of thtrees. louisiana. posing as sale of massachusetts in the 17th century. this is the sad for the first original program on our national cable channel. >> in the show premieres this sunday on wgn. fear and suspicion is mixed with magic and the supernatural. the help of shock. a pretty big departure. up until now it has been best known for chicago in his and sports. plenty of television reruns. the executive producer told me and set up and take notice.sit up and take
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notice. >> i would be lying. hopefully it fits within the story. >> it is pretty graphic. graphic with an assist on authentic. ideas come from >> functional buildings. in actual blacks mad. the
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village square complete with gallows. a lot of work for a lot of people. >> have 40 people in our department right now working props and construction. very talented people many of them are local. >> a lot has been documented. tomorrow i'll introduce you to the stars
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playoffs open tomorrow night. we're previewing be matched u .rist
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to 14 game hitting streak. >> every time a >> we're in a position to come back and won a game. you do not get judged on how pretty it looks. it is a win. they're feeling
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pretty confident. >> the blackhawks will have new lines when they open. the practice as a full team for the first time in a month. back on the top line. schist down the third line alongside bryant and andrew. they played together during last year's stanley cup run. they could provide protection against the physical blues. >> tom skilling with the full forecast.
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common products that we use every day being linked to harmful pollution. could make personal- care products illegal because they contain microblades. microblades are tiny plastic sand like substances used in personal care products like facial cleansers and soap. the problem is they get washed down the drain. they're too tiny to get filtered out. >> we're just thrilled that we have been able to really work the environmental groups. the state senator sponsored
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and help pass the senate bill. passengers likely making ill. the first day in the country to ban microblades. testing shows the presence and lost the support of the personal care products council. all of them pledging to halt the manufacture. >> the agreement is a victory of environmental groups.
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>> biologists say testing conclusively shows the widespread prevalence of microbial in the sediments and shoreline of the great lakes. also present in the world's oceans. working their way into the food chain because fish and other marine life cannot distinguish between food and micro plastics. the hope is that the actions will prompt other states as well as provinces on both sides of the border to pass similar bans. >> >> it has been that way for the entire spring. we see a couple of warm spells on the way. easter sunday might be one of them. a bit of a moderate warm-up going on right now.
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>> we can see some pretty serious '70s. did you see those showers yesterday? >> the bubble up in an unstable atmosphere. the shot is really cool. this comes from the photographer. this is a sequence of the blood moon lunar eclipse that occurred yesterday. all this comes up with some interesting shot. >> you need a lunar eclipse to get that. this is a single ice flow that was photographed by kyle anderson who was flying eastbound
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over holland michigan at about 5,500 ft.. that is about all that is left of all of that ice that once covered a record proportion of the great lakes. here's the easter bunny. >> was out feeding the birds in the wake of the snow covering periods >> a little bit of filtered sun shine going today. it has warm up a little bit. the fact is we have a big storm going to the midwest. we are at least on the warm side. the snowfall is fallen heavily into northern wisconsin. will not have to worry about that here. it will shift
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the land from south. nichols back down again. making it the coldest tax day and 82 years. nearly a record. it is quite interesting. we do not often get the cold on tax day. the question is do we have any warm weather coming? >> perhaps 66 degrees. the couple of models more substantial spell of mid to upper '70's. there are some warm spells coming. hang in there for that.
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he concealed a southerly wind out west of us will be warm and us up. we have double-digit increases temperature going across the midwest. the current temperatures which are in the ford is are 11 degrees warmer than they are at this time yesterday. still way below normal. the normal high temperatures around 60. these numbers are still below what we should be seeing. the southerly wind blowing with gusto out there. feels like 37 degrees. there uc crystal lake. >> as we send this note to the north of us. the rain on the southern flank of this precipitation area.
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>> austin freeze advisers from eastern pennsylvania. plenty of wintry weather there. here's the big snowfall expected to accumulate up to the north of us. could be a little bit warm. low pressure that produces the snow up north sends the wind into chicago not only today and tonight but tomorrow morning. if one comes through later and the day. that is when the bubble of high pressure, and a clock wise manner. the next warm queues up and the southerly wind will be blowing in from the southeast to start with on saturday. but the time it to sunday they should turn southerly. we
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have a couple of models that suggests we might even get some seven is out of that. >> the wind will be blowing southerly. tomorrow morning there will be blowing south to southeast. the ones this up before the cooling comes in. today ford is along the lake. fifties as ago an end. the southerly wind takes over tomorrow. you'll see the effect of the cooling as we get into friday. a bit of a northeast wind. sixties waiting in the wings out to the west of us. here's a 10 day forecast. there's a little warm up tomorrow. here's the cool down on friday. saturday warm-up away from the lake. here is the real ones. this thing takes shape out of the planes. you have wind cutting and from a
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southeast early next week. but, bedspreads and to the area. >> that will be wonderful news. our fathers are getting very serious about getting out into the field. windy today. sunshine arrives after passing through extensive high and mid-level cloudiness. high temperature. tonight windy and mostly cloudy. not as chilly. tomorrow cloudy spells perhaps an afternoon shower. cloudy spells with cooler northeast wind on friday. a little morning rain. i have
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only 47. it will be cool friday and saturday. easter sunday looks like we'll have a nice warmup. >> time for today is trivial. silent film star charlie chaplin was born. which company did he call was born. which compceisdid he call e atel ng t resanhyo,an thym eaicis-8
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let's can started with our tax-free + fire ball games. >>9-5-6 fireball number 9 get your tickets lotto 2.5 million. powerball 110
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million dollars. that will give you a chance to move to a warmer weathered place. >>2-9-2-8 fireball number 2. now time for lucky day lotto. >>grab your winning tickets. >>first number 28
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hope you are having a wonderful day.
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pregnant women who are obese are overweight have an increased risk of delivering a stillborn baby. researchers came to that conclusion after reviewing 38 pass studies. from a modest increase. the highest risk was and women considered severely obese. researchers say while the risk was increased for women with higher body mass index the risk of still birth as well. to be as close to their ideal weight as possible when vacancies. researchers at northwestern university and harvard medical school used merrill damaginnarrow imaging.
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using marijuana changes the shape volume and density of two key brain regions. those regions are responsible for emulsion and motivation. the changes indicate the brain is adapting to low-level exposure of the drug. the study was published in the journal of neuroscience. attending just one disease and could be enough to cause ear damage. some of their nerve fibers with her. exposure to loud noises becomes more severe over time. a few times we will have a small impact. if you like more information you can visit the scientific american online.
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>> this is national eggs benedict de.
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a breakfast cheese steak. we're making a twist on this classic recipe. suns really that good sounds really decadent. >>in the kitchen
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>>it is just do it by hand. if ytou are scared about it, the whites cook quicker than the yoke. >>crack a couple in here for you. >>here is a little trick. >>right over top of the yoke. there you go. you can even do the multiple ones. >>we iwll push them right back in there.
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a little bit of salt. a little bit of tobasco. >>use about 3oz per yoke. 1 tbsp of white wine. we are going to cook this. 135 degrees. once a yoke reaches 135 degrees it turns solid. >>you are going to keep going. this is our butter. it is clean. we are going to take the butter solid. >>a classic sauce. >>want me to take
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over? >>it will start cooking. you are going to start adding in. >>120 degrees. a human thermometer. >>130, give me about 5 more seconds. isn't that beautiful? >>and you can smell it. when you only have two hands. >>use a collar. just a towel underneath. >>i think you have just enough right there. that is
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basic. a little tobasco. >>a little bit of lemon. going to fold this into there gently. >>you got it. >>i will try. >>that is perfect. going to take our egg. a lot of people put a little vinegar in it. not 100 percent neccesary.
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>>we are going to go here. >>i want to make sure. >>you can find out more. doesn't everbody love cheesesteak? >>there it is. our cheesesteak? >>there it is. our breakfast this is mike. his long race day starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines"
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silent film star charlie chaplin was born. i did not know he co-founded a movie company. >> a walking
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encyclopedia. no question about it. >> you suggested today's temperatures more like february. 38 degrees. there is. that is equal to the normal high on february 22nd. here we are in mid april. southerly wind flowing. even stronger out to the west of us. cost close to 40 mi. per hour. the warmest temperatures are into iowa. some of that warm air is coming into this area. we have some warming to do. we're already up 13-14 degrees across the immediate city.
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>> over 30 mi. per hour times tonightle are represd
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by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. well... well, what? they're late. when you deal with feds, you know it's gonna get screwed up. hey, roberts, what's your guy in for? drug smuggling, gun running... he's lebanese. he brings the drugs in, he takes the guns out. sometimes it's the other way around. he's an entrepreneur. great. how do you know he's going to sing? we got six months of footwork hanging on his testimony. we got the d.e.a. to go to bat with the u.s. attorney. he can't wait to play canary. mine's innocent. ( laughing ) yeah. right. yeah. mr. o'connell says he's a political prisoner unfairly held without trial.


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